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In a busy practice, HMRC investigations can quickly escalate into time-consuming and stressful affairs. What’s more, disputes can put a real strain on client relationships. They can even result in the loss of valued clients.

Not every accountant wants to or has the experience to deal with every type of investigation. We can provide dedicated, specialist support in this area enabling you to get on with other, billable work while having the peace of mind that your client’s case is being handled by highly experienced investigation specialists. Our skilled consultants have a proven track record of success in dealing with HMRC and they understand how important the relationship between an accountant and their client is.

Our VAT team has extensive experience in all aspects of VAT disputes. We are expertly placed to advise on disputes and to represent your clients in litigation with HMRC. We can represent clients in tax tribunals and where necessary, we engage with expert tax barristers for more complex disputes.

We have extensive experience of working on Employer Compliance disputes with HMRC. Whether it’s telephone advice or full representation leading to a tribunal, We’ll help you to defend your client.

All of our consultants are ex-HMRC employees and have the requisite knowledge and experience of dealing directly with HMRC.
Full Enquiry

Our consultants assist you as much or little as you require. Whether it’s just re-wording a letter to HMRC or providing comprehensive support on the entire enquiry, we’ll provide the expertise that suits your needs.

Aspect Enquiries

These vary from minor fact-finding to complex technical issues. Our consultants will help you to get the best result.

And the great news is, whether it’s a Full or Aspect Enquiry, employer compliance or a VAT compliance check, if your client has subscribed to the Tax Investigation Service then our costs of dealing with or assisting with their HMRC investigation will be covered by the Policy. If your client has not subscribed to the Tax Investigation Insurance, we can still work with you, charging a preferential hourly rate.


Dealing with COP9 and Criminal Taxes Unit cases is unfamiliar territory for many accountants. With complicated processes and language, these investigations can quickly become time-consuming and stressful. Our team has extensive experience in helping clients who are subject to investigation under fraud procedures like COP9. We provide full support and expertise including preparing disclosure reports and negotiating a settlement of the Enquiry.

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