IR35 is a highly contentious area of dispute and with the changes due to expand the Public Sector rules into the Private Sector for large and medium-sized businesses, now is a good time to review your private sector contract.

Our contract review will give you and your engager piece of mind that the contract is compliant. If the contract is found to be caught it will allow you and your engager to look at the contract and your working practices. This would enable you to evaluate the contract’s accuracy, establishing whether changes should be made to it or whether your working practices should change.

For an additional fee we can suggest amendments to a contract so that it accurately reflects the reality of the situation and takes the contract outside of the IR35 legislation.

What is involved in a Contract Review?

Our specialists will review a copy of the contract and then compile a written report highlighting areas of concern and explain why the contract does or does not meet the legislative requirements.

Why choose Croner Taxwise?

Our specialist consultants who will undertake your review are recognised as being true IR35 experts, each having many years’ experience. We have not been informed that any of the contracts that our team has reviewed has been challenged by HMRC. Given that many of our reviews are completed for customers with our tax investigation insurance we would have expected to be advised of any such review. Our team currently has a 100% success rate in defending IR35 cases where we have completed a review and passed the contract as being IR35 compliant.

How much could IR35 legislation cost?

Should HMRC win the argument that IR35 applies and the company has not undertaken the ‘deemed salary’ calculation, the costs could be significant. In a recent case which the taxpayer won at Tribunal the liability at stake was in excess of £1.2 million.

What about Representation?

Should HMRC challenge an IR35 status all Croner Taxwise insured clients can appoint us to represent them, with all associated fees being covered by your Policy. We are also able to negotiate with agencies and end-clients to strengthen or amend contracts (separate rates apply).

Our Reviews Include:
  • Review of the contractual documents
  • Verbal advice and confirmation on whether the engagement is caught by IR35
  • Written confirmation of the IR35 status

As part of your Tax Investigation Insurance, you get access to specialist IR35 Consultants who in the event of an investigation by HMRC will defend you in the most robust manner possible, ensuring you get the very best representation at no additional cost. Should HMRC write to you challenging your status you don’t need to worry about knowing what to say to them or worry about the costs of defending yourself because its all taken care of in advance by paying a small annual fee.

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