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At Croner Taxwise, we do not sit on the fence. We will review your clients’ contract, clearly establishing their IR35 position. Our opinion is presented within a detailed report, which is clear and concise. We will always try to strengthen your clients’ position by suggesting alterations within our report where these wouldn’t fundamentally alter the terms of the contract.
Should you require this service please complete the simple form with as much detail as you can. *Runs from Monday 4th February 2019 until Thursday 28th February 2019

Over 50% of new IR35 investigations are conducted on organisations providing services to the Public Sector with a strong emphasis on Government departments, agencies, the BBC and the NHS. We anticipate this will soon extend to Local Authorities and other areas where tax payers’ money is held in a contractual chain.

Following the introduction of the Managed Service Company legislation, a considerable number of one-man limited companies have ceased to be ‘controlled’ by service providers. As a result, many of these companies find themselves with the possibility of facing challenges by HMRC regarding whether or not the ‘intermediaries’ legislation (commonly known as IR35) applies to its contracts.

Our IR35 Contract Review will provide your client with an opinion as to whether or not the legislation applies to them. Their directors can then make a well informed decision regarding what course of action to take.

In addition, an IR35 Review demonstrates to HMRC that as a company, you have taken your tax obligations seriously and made the effort to determine whether or not IR35 legislation applies.

What’s involved in a Contract Review?

Our specialists will review a copy of the contract and then compile a written report highlighting areas of concern and explain why the contract does or does not meet the legislative requirements.

Why choose Croner Taxwise?

Our specialist consultants who will undertake your review are recognised as being true IR35 experts, each having many years’ experience. Our team currently has a 100% success rate in defending IR35 cases where we have completed a review and passed the contract as being IR35 compliant.

How much could IR35 legislation cost?

Should HMRC win the argument that IR35 applies and the company has not undertaken the ‘deemed salary’ calculation, the costs could be significant. In a recent case which HMRC won the liability was in excess of £90,000.

What about Representation?

Should HMRC challenge an IR35 status all Croner Taxwise insured clients can appoint us to represent them, with all associated fees being covered by your Policy. We are also able to negotiate with agencies and end-clients to strengthen or amend contracts (separate rates apply).

Our Reviews Include:
  • Review of the contractual documents
  • Review of the current working practices
  • Verbal advice and confirmation on whether the engagement is caught by IR35
  • Written confirmation of the IR35 status

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