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Tax Enquiry Fee Protection Service is a scheme that covers the clients of an accountancy practice for any professional fees that result from an investigation by HMRC. 

What is the tax enquiry fee protection service?

It is an insurance backed service that protects you from accountancy fees associated in dealing with any HMRC enquiry or dispute.

The number of tax and VAT investigations is increasing every single year with any one of your clients able to be selected for an investigation by HMRC: whether that’s a business, a director or an individual taxpayer.

By providing a Tax Enquiry Fee Protection Service scheme, your practice gains comprehensive access to our in-house tax and VAT consultants. This resource of over 30 experienced professionals is an extension to your practice to be utilised as much or as little as you require, you remain in control.

My Business Hub

Grow, Manage and Protect your business in Total Confidence

My Business Hub is an easy-to-use online portal offering real-time updated, real-world expertise on all key business areas and is offered at no extra cost to you along with your tax enquiry fee protection service employment law/HR contracts, handbooks, absence, sickness, flexible working, termination of employment health & safety policies, working from home, stress in the workplace, risk assessments, DSE, fire safety legal contracts, terms & conditions, company and consumer law.


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Read our policy features below

Practice Insured Your Practice is the insured party. You offer a tax investigation service and do not need to be a regulated intermediary.

Croner Taxwise Save Clients Money

Save your clients' money

Protect your clients from the costs of engaging your professional services to represent them as a result of a tax investigation by HMRC.

Croner Taxwise Expert Support

Support from the experts

Provide your clients with the best possible expert advice during an investigation.

Croner Taxwise Trusted Business Support

Get trusted business support

Expand your client services by offering expert business support on HR, Employment Law & Employee Assistance Programmes.

Croner Taxwise Additional Revenue

Additional practice revenue

Offering a Tax Investigation Insurance Scheme provides additional revenue for Accountancy Practices.

Croner Taxwise Client Retention

Improve client retention

Demonstrate to your clients that as a Practice you are taking proactive measures to protect them from unforeseen costs.

Croner Taxwise Increase Intake

Increase client uptake

Our dedicated marketing team will help bolster your client base with sophisticated and efficient campaigns.