Research & Development

There are thousands of pounds being lost in tax relief by eligible companies every year. This reflects the common misconception that Research and Development (R&D) is confined to manufacturing plants, tech giants or research laboratories, when in reality, the ideas and inspirations that move industries forward have their roots in everyday innovation by the professionals on the ground.

R&D tax relief is the government’s way of rewarding businesses that invest in innovation.

This innovation can be in the form of developing new, or improving existing products, processes, services, devices and materials or advancing the state of knowledge in their sector.

Our provider Catax, are experts in R&D legislation and they are here to ensure you don’t have to be to get the most for your clients. Their in-house team of specialists will determine if your client’s business activities are eligible for tax relief and will maximise the claim you make by identifying the biggest relief possible.

The average client benefit Catax obtain for their clients is £39,000 for Research & Development.

Therefore, not only would your clients stand to receive a significant return, but all Croner Taxwise clients we work with, will also receive a direct financial benefit of a 15% commission rate of the report fee. Provided the claim has been successful, this would result in more money in your pocket!

Our R&D Tax Credits service is available to all our scheme partners.

If you would like to find out more about our R&D service but are not a Croner Taxwise Partner you can contact us on 0844 892 2776.

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