Providing Specialist Support & Expertise

There are times when you might need specialist support to deal with certain types of interventions. Our Consultancy service is here to provide you with that expertise and is in addition to our Advice Lines.

Our Tax & VAT Consultancy consists of over 35 highly skilled Consultants experienced in dealing with a wide variety of Tax and VAT matters. We can provide technical support during an HMRC intervention, at whatever level you feel is necessary.

Consultants are available to talk through issues, help with planning a course of action, negotiate with HMRC making the best use of your client’s right to a statutory review, or even represent your client in tribunals and instruct barristers when appropriate.

Don’t Forget

If you have a current Policy with us, provided that the claim is accepted, the fees for the consultancy involved in handling the enquiry are covered, up to the limits of your Policy. We also carry out additional consultancy services for you, or your client should you require more extensive advice and extra support than a telephone call can provide.


Our consultancy services are available to all our scheme partners.

If you are interested in one of our services but are not already a partner you can speak to an advisor on 0844 892 2776.

Services We Offer

Comprehensive TAX and VAT investigation support.

In-depth written advice documenting the facts.

Reviewing IR35 contracts and working practices.

Advice on property embedded fixtures and features to claim against Capital Allowances.

Reviewing client files to identify potential R&D tax credits.

Meet the consultancy team.