Employment Taxes is a far reaching area of tax that including, PAYE, NIC, payroll submissions, Employment Related Securities, P11ds, CIS, Employment Status, IR35, Termination Payments, Benefits in Kind. HMRC Employer Compliance also includes additional areas such as National Minimum Wage and Contractor Loan Settlements.

We have extensive experience of working on Employer Compliance Reviews across all areas with HMRC. Whether it’s telephone advice or full representation leading to a tribunal, We’ll help you to defend your client.

Employer Compliance Review

The team of Employment Taxes Consultants can help with all areas and aspects of an Employer Compliance Review. Like any HMRC investigation, Employer Compliance Reviews can be complex and time-consuming. Accountants and Clients will often find the reviews stressful to deal with as well as time-consuming. Croner Taxwise can help to alleviate those time-consuming Reviews leaving accountants free to complete their other billable work.

Our experience is that a Review of Employer/Contractor records which focuses on payroll and benefits can take up to two years to complete, in a large case this will be even longer. In the case where IR35 or employment status is involved, we are handling cases that are already over 3 years old with no sign of a conclusion.

Should HMRC win the argument that IR35 applies and the company has not undertaken the ‘deemed salary’ calculation, the costs involved could be significant. In a recent case which the taxpayer won at Tribunal the liability at stake was in excess of £1.2 million.

Written Advice

At Croner Taxwise we are able to provide written advice to answer specific questions on your client’s tax affairs. We are also able to provide documentation reviews in order to provide written opinions on the tax treatment.

National Minimum Wage

National Minimum Wage investigations can be both long and time-consuming process, often spanning over a year before reaching a conclusion. The expense and stress can take their toll on both the client and the accountant. By representing a client we are able to ensure the investigations are restricted to areas actually at issue and can help bring the investigation to a close

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