Introducing BrightHR

Shut down your spreadsheets, bin the paperwork and free yourself from admin. Because BrightHR people management software lets you do all your essential HR tasks in one place online.

BrightHR cuts down the time you spend on day-to-day admin by making things like booking holiday, tracking sick leave and monitoring attendance simple and hassle-free.  

So hassle-free in-fact, that you can even manage your workforce on your phone with the free Android or iOS app.

Cut back your admin

BrightHR’s secure, cloud-based system lets you cut back some of your most time-consuming HR processes.

  • Need to book leave? Receive and approve holiday requests in seconds with the BrightHR staff holiday planner.
  • Staff working shifts? Create rotas with BrightHR’s shift planning software and instantly share them with your employees using the app.
  • Employees sick or turning up late? Staff can use the BrightHR app to call in sick, and you can record their absences in a click. Use BrightHR to track when employees start work, and spot the ones who are never on time.
  • You can also use BrightHR’s clocking-in and clocking-out app, Blip, to automatically record when your staff arrive and leave.

Unlimited access: anytime, anyplace

There’s no need to spend time filing paperwork or manually updating shared folders. BrightHR’s secure, cloud-based system gives you unlimited storage space and immediate access to all your HR documents.

And with the BrightHR app, you get total sight of your workforce anytime and anyplace. Instantly see who’s off sick, who’s on holiday, who’s running late and who’s free to cover shifts. It’s the only app you’ll download that has the power to transform your staff and business performance.     

That’s why 11,227 businesses and 120,005 employees across the UK rely on BrightHR for their people management. Find out how you can too…

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