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Part of being a Croner Taxwise partner enables you to take full advantage of our complimentary e-Learning series which covers a host of topics relating to Employment Law, HR, and Business Safety.

This extensive programme covers many common subjects as well as more specialist advice. Each session is delivered both live and on-demand. Simply access the full e-Learning schedule, select what you want to attend and learn from the experts.

Upcoming e-Learning:

October 2019

Monday 7th October 11.30am Rights for Employees when they have a baby REGISTER As more workers look for family friendly employers, put yourself in pole position by becoming au fait with family friendly rights.

Wednesday 9th October 13.00pm Data Protection: Do you know your Employee’s Rights REGISTER Do you know what rights employees have when it comes to Data Protection?

Tuesday 15th October 11.00am Apprentices: The Ins and Outs REGISTER Apprehensive about employing apprentices? Let us take you through the rules, rights and responsibilities impacting these workers.

THURSDAY 24th October 12.00pm First Aid Requirements REGISTER A look at the legal and practical requirements for first aid provision.

November 2019

TUESDAY 19th November 12.00pm The Role of a Fire Warden REGISTER When is a fire warden required, what is their role and what training should they receive?

December 2019

WEDNESDAY 4th December 12.00pm Fire Evacuation including Vulnerable People REGISTER What provisions should be made in the event of a fire including practical considerations for people with disabilities and pregnant workers?

January 2020

WEDNESDAY 15th January 12.00pm Migrant Workers Health and Safety What are the challenges, what are the legal obligations and practical actions to ensure
migrant workers are suitably protected.

February 2020

FRIDAY 28th February 12.00pm Ageing Workforce and Health and Safety </strongDoes the ageing workforce present additional health and safety concerns? If so, what practical steps can be taken to manage the risks.

March 2020

WEDNESDAY 25th March 12.00pm Electrical Safety for Small Businesses</strongWhat does the law require, how often should fixed and portable equipment be inspected and tested, what does a visual inspection include.

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