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Part of being a Croner Taxwise partner enables you to take full advantage of our complimentary webinar series which covers a host of topics relating to Employment Law, HR, and Business Safety.

This extensive programme covers many common subjects as well as more specialist advice. Our webinars are delivered both live and on demand. Simply access the full webinar schedule, select what you want to attend and learn from the experts.

Popular eLearning Topics:

Disciplinary Processes
Managing Grievances
Workers Changing Terms and Conditions
What’s New in Employment Law
Dismissals & Redundancy

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February 2019

MONDAY 18th February 12.30pm
Employee Complaints: How to Handle Grievances REGISTER
Feel aggrieved about grievances? Learn how to approach this sensitive area to stop complaints spiralling in to tribunal claims.

WEDNESDAY 20th February 10.00am
National Minimum Wage Naming and Shaming: how to avoid it REGISTER

THURSDAY 21st February 1.00pm
Amending Employee Entitlements REGISTER
Thinking about changing employees’ terms and conditions? Think carefully. Learn how to amend entitlements without falling foul of employment law.

MONDAY 25th February 10.30am
Managing Flexible Working Requests REGISTER
Did you know all employees can request flexible working? Learn how to handle requests fairly and deal with these in line with the ACAS statutory Code of Practice.

TUESDAY 26th February 11.30am
Health and Safety: Practical Manual Handling Risk Assessment REGISTER
This session will take you through the practical steps required to complete a manual handling risk assessment.

WEDNESDAY 27th February 11.30am
The Hidden Pitfalls of National Minimum Wage compliance REGISTER
Are you confident that you are complying with National Minimum Wage legislation? Are you sure your staff are being paid at least NMW taking into account deductions such as those for uniforms, accommodation, damages, or salary sacrifices? Could you prove the hours your employees have worked if an NMW inspector came to call? With several high street retailers having been named and shamed recently for paying less than NMW to their staff, no one is safe from HMRC’s scrutiny. Ignorance is bliss…..for an HMRC fine! Don’t get caught out.

THURSDAY 28th February 12.00pm
Confidence and Resilience REGISTER

March 2019

TUESDAY 5th March 11.30am
Employee Wellbeing: Managing Mental Health Issues at Work REGISTER
Are you managing your employees’ mental health problems as well as you manage their physical health problems? Learn the key principles to managing mental health.

WEDNESDAY 6th March 11.00am
Basic Employment Practice – Part 1 REGISTER

THURSDAY 7th March 12.30pm
Employee, Worker or Self Employed: What This Really Means REGISTER
Don’t get caught out: learn how to determine the status of your staff to ensure they’re given the correct employment rights.

MONDAY 11th March 12.30pm
Getting a Grip on Harassment REGISTER
Letting this issue fester can have expensive consequences for your business. Learn how to proactively prevent harassment taking place and learn the steps to take to address, and manage, incidents as they occur.

TUESDAY 12th March 12.00pm
Health and Safety: Practical Manual Handling Risk Assessment REGISTER
The need to assess risks associated with the regular use of computer equipment is a legal requirement. This session will explain the steps required to complete a display screen equipment risk assessment.

WEDNESDAY 13th March 10.00am
Recruitment & Selection/Interviewing REGISTER
Finding the right person for the job is more than just pot luck; let us talk you through the process to ensure you’re starting on the right track.

THURSDAY 14th March 1.00pm
Onboarding: Integrating New Recruits REGISTER
Give the best impression of your business from day one as we talk you through the best way to get new recruits on board.

TUESDAY 19th March 10.30am
How Employment Contracts can help your Business REGISTER

THURSDAY 21st March 10.30am
Ensuring Equality at Work REGISTER
Equality is the cornerstone of diversity and fairness at work: we’ll give you best practice pointers to ensure equal treatment for your workforce.

MONDAY 25th March 11.30am
What’s New in Employment Law REGISTER
A run down of all the latest important changes to employment legislation in the last 12 months and upcoming changes.

TUESDAY 26th March 12.30pm
Health and Safety: Safety Schemes in Procurement REGISTER
Have you noticed how many businesses have SMAS / CHAS / SafeContractor and the likes on their headed paper or company vans? This session will explain the basics of SSiP and the benefits and process of achieving the accreditation.

WEDNESDAY 27th March 11.00am
Health Issues at Work: Managing Staff Sickness Absence REGISTER
Feel sick at the level of sickness absence in your workforce? Learn how to take back control and improve attendance going forward and how to manage health issues to reduce their impact at work.

THURSDAY 28th March 12.30pm
Basic Employment Practice – Part 2 REGISTER
Put yourself in the best position by getting to know the basics of the minefield that is employment law.

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