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Part of being a Croner Taxwise partner enables you to take full advantage of our complimentary e-Learning series which covers a host of topics relating to Employment Law, HR, and Business Safety.

This extensive programme covers many common subjects as well as more specialist advice. Each session is delivered both live and on-demand. Simply access the full e-Learning schedule, select what you want to attend and learn from the experts.

Upcoming e-Learning:

January 2020

MONDAY 20th January 12.30 pm Time Management: How to Manage your Time Effectively REGISTER Is it time for a review of your time management? Do you find yourself working all the hours but not getting the work done? This session will assist you in thinking about how you manage your time and tasks in order to find efficiencies and tick off those tasks.

WEDNESDAY 22nd January 11.00 am Getting a Grip on Harassment REGISTER Learn how to proactively prevent harassment taking place and learn the steps to manage incidents as they occur.

THURSDAY 23rd January 11.30 am Settlement Agreement REGISTER Want to remove someone from your business without facing a claim for unfair dismissal? Learn how to approach this technical issue as we set out the reasons why a settlement agreement may be best for business.

TUESDAY 28th January 12.30 pm Contracts of Employment: The Basics REGISTER The core of the employment relationship: creating agreed terms and conditions.

WEDNESDAY 29th January 11.00 am Health Issues at Work: Managing Staff Sickness Absence REGISTER Feel sick at the level of sickness absence in your workforce? Learn how to take back control and improve attendance going forward and how to manage health issues to reduce their impact at work.

THURSDAY 30th January 12.30 pm Employee, Worker, Self Employed: What this Really Means REGISTER Don’t get caught out: learn how to determine the status of your staff to ensure they’re given the correct employment rights.

February 2020

MONDAY 3rd February 1.30 pm How to Manage Absence When Severe Weather Hits REGISTER Top tips on how to manage your staff when bad weather stops them from getting to work.

WEDNESDAY 5th February 12.30 pm Dispelling the Myths surrounding the Right to be Accompanied at Hearings REGISTER Confident you’re following employees’ statutory rights in formal meetings? Learn who has this right and when, to ensure you don’t fall foul of the law.

FRIDAY 7th February 11.30 am Invest in Investigations REGISTER Best foot forward: learn how to start off your disciplinary procedure with a solid investigation.

Friday 28th February 12.00 pm Ageing Workforce and Health and Safety REGISTER Does the ageing workforce present additional health and safety concerns? If so, what practical steps can be taken to manage the risks.

March 2020

Wednesday 25th March 12.00 pm Electrical Safety for Small Businesses REGISTER What does the law require, how often should fixed and portable equipment be inspected and tested, what does a visual inspection include.

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