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Part of being a Croner Taxwise partner enables you to take full advantage of our complimentary e-Learning series which covers a host of topics relating to Employment Law, HR, and Business Safety.

This extensive programme covers many common subjects as well as more specialist advice. Each session is delivered both live and on-demand. Simply access the full e-Learning schedule, select what you want to attend and learn from the experts.

Upcoming e-Learning:

February 2020

TUESDAY 18th February 2.00 pm TUPE: What Happens When a Business changes hands REGISTER Let us transfer our knowledge of this complicated employment issue: learn about the steps you have to take when you’re a transferor or transferee to avoid a tribunal claim for damages.

WEDNESDAY 19th February 12.30 pm Employee Complaints: How to Handle Grievances* REGISTER Feel aggrieved about grievances? Learn how to approach this sensitive area to stop complaints spiralling in to tribunal claims.

THURSDAY 20th February 1.30 pm Explaining the truth about the Gender Pay Gap REGISTER Whether your first report showed a gender pay gap in your business or not, this session gives you valuable practical tips on how to introduce, or maintain, pay equality for your employees.

TUESDAY 25th February 1.00 pm Basic Employment Practice – Part 1 REGISTER Put yourself in the best position by getting to know the basics of the minefield that is employment law.

WEDNESDAY 26th February 12.00 pm Changing Terms and Conditions: How to Manage this* REGISTER Thinking about changing employees’ terms and conditions? Think carefully. Learn how to amend entitlements without falling foul of employment law.

THURSDAY 27th February 12.30 pm Employee Wellbeing: Managing Mental Health Issues at Work REGISTER Are you managing your employees’ mental health problems as well as you manage their physical health problems? Learn the key principles to managing mental health.

FRIDAY 28th February 12.00 pm Ageing Workforce and Health and Safety REGISTER Does the ageing workforce present additional health and safety concerns? If so, what practical steps can be taken to manage the risks.

March 2020

MONDAY 2nd March 12.30 pm Working Time Regulations: An Overview  REGISTER Learn about how to keep in line with the law on minimum rest break, maximum working hours and what counts as working time.

WEDNESDAY 4th March 11.00 am Basic Employment Practice – Part 2 REGISTER Put yourself in the best position by getting to know the basics of the minefield that is employment law.

THURSDAY 5th March 11.30 am Managing Flexible Working Requests* REGISTER Did you know all employees can request flexible working? Learn how to handle requests fairly and deal with these in line with the ACAS statutory Code of Practice.

WEDNESDAY 25th March 12.00 pm Electrical Safety for Small Businesses REGISTER What does the law require, how often should fixed and portable equipment be inspected and tested, what does a visual inspection include.

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