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Part of being a Croner Taxwise partner enables you to take full advantage of our complimentary webinar series which covers a host of topics relating to Employment Law, HR, and Business Safety.

This extensive programme covers many common subjects as well as more specialist advice. Our webinars are delivered both live and on demand. Simply access the full webinar schedule, select what you want to attend and learn from the experts.

Upcoming Web Training:

August 2019

MONDAY 19th August 12.30pm Recruitment & Selection/Interviewing REGISTER  Finding the right person for the job is more than just pot luck; let us talk you through the process to ensure you’re starting on the right track.

WEDNESDAY 21st August 12.30pm Onboarding: Integrating New Recruits REGISTER  Give the best impression of your business from day one as we talk you through the best way to get new recruits on board.

WEDNESDAY 28th August 12.00pm Outdoor Working Risk Assessment REGISTER  Outdoor workers from construction to tree surgeons are exposed to risks related to adverse weather including rain, snow, and extreme heat as well as other issues such as storage of PPE and welfare facilities. This session will explore best practice and risk reduction opportunities.

THURSDAY 29th August 11.00am Time Management REGISTER  Is it time for a review of your time management? Do you find yourself working all the hours but not getting the work done? This session will assist you in thinking about how you manage your time and tasks in order to find efficiencies and tick off those tasks.

FRIDAY 30th August 11.00am Performance Management REGISTER Learn about how to identify whether an employee’s poor performance is due to conduct or capability. 

September 2019

TUESDAY 3rd September 10.30am Zero Hours Workers in your Company REGISTER  What are they, how do they work and what does the future hold for these flexible workers?

THURSDAY 5th September 11.30am Health Issues at Work: Managing Staff Sickness Absence REGISTER  Feel sick at the level of sickness absence in your workforce? Learn how to take back control and improve attendance going forward and how to manage health issues to reduce their impact at work.

MONDAY 9th September 12.00pm Basic Employment Practice Part 2 REGISTER  Put yourself in the best position by getting to know the basics of the minefield that is employment law.

WEDNESDAY 11th September 11.30am Amending Employee Entitlements REGISTER  Thinking about changing employees’ terms and conditions? Think carefully. Learn how to amend entitlements without falling foul of employment law.

THURSDAY 12th September 11.00am Managing Flexible Working Requests REGISTER  Did you know all employees can request flexible working? Learn how to handle requests fairly and deal with these in line with the ACAS statutory Code of Practice.

TUESDAY 17th September 12.30pm Types of Termination: How contracts can come to an endREGISTER 

WEDNESDAY 18th September 11.30am Working Time Regulations: An overview REGISTER 

THURSDAY 19th September 12.30pm Recent Prosecutions REGISTER  We continue to see large fines being issued by the courts. This session will explore some recent cases so that we can learn the lessons from others mistakes.

TUESDAY 24th September 12.30pm Ensuring Equality at Work REGISTER  Equality is the cornerstone of diversity and fairness at work: we’ll give you best practice pointers to ensure equal treatment for your workforce.

WEDNESDAY 25th September 13.30pm Contracts of Employment: The Basics REGISTER  The core of the employment relationship: creating agreed terms and conditions.

FRIDAY 27th September 12.00pm What’s New In Employment Law (including recent and upcoming cases) REGISTER  A run down of all the latest important changes to employment legislation in the last 12 months and upcoming changes.

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