Capital Allowances Property Embedded Fixtures And Fittings

What Are Property Embedded Fixtures And Fittings?

Property Embedded Fixtures And Fittings are a specialist element of a capital allowance. They are ‘immovable’ items and include lifts, heating systems, electrical systems and security systems and could either have been inherent in the property at the time of acquisition or installed subsequently.

Many accountants miss these but our specialists don’t. Our consultants have a 100% Claims Success rate and over 16 years have used their expertise to generate a claim total of over £100,000,000.

Our process requires minimal effort from you or your clients, we manage the process from start to finish. Our team of tax depreciation experts includes Accountants and Surveyors who will help maximise the claim. We even review your client’s property portfolio at no cost to ascertain whether a claim can be made.

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