Fee Protection Insurance

Fee Protection Insurance is a Scheme that covers the clients of an Accountancy Practice for any professional fees that result from an investigation by HMRC.

By providing a Fee Protection Insurance Scheme the Practice gains comprehensive access to experts in handling tax investigations, supporting them through the duration of any client claims.

And that number of investigations is thought to be rising every single year with any one of your clients able to be selected for an investigation by HMRC: whether that’s a business, a director or an individual taxpayer.

Last year, HMRC added another tool to their arsenal when they launched their £100million super-computer called “Connect”. The powerful new system has the ability to draw data from a number of government and corporate sources to create a profile of that taxpayer’s total income.

Where there are discrepancies, the account is flagged and could result in an investigation. Our Fee Protection Policy is all-embracing and will provide you and your clients with the ultimate protection.

These sources and platforms ranging from Airbnb and eBay to Visa and MasterCard, analysing trends and patterns of behaviour. From the start of the year, HMRC has also been able to gather information from British overseas territories and another 60 countries.

As a Fee Protection client, you will get full access to our consultancy and advice lines. With a wealth of experience, our advisors and consultants specialise in a wide range of tax & VAT related queries ranging from standard tax & VAT advice, IR35 Contract Reviews, Capital Allowances, R&D Reviews, Written Advice and Enquiries.

Alongside the vast channel of consultancy and advice you can receive, we offer a full HR package with Croner Connect. With this package, you can benefit from HR Services such as Business Advice LinesBespoke Seminars, Web Training, Employee Assistance Programme and introducing our new HR Resource Tool HR Assist which is a comprehensive toolkit for all your employment management needs.

You will have your very own Marketing Liaison Officer who will have full co-ordination of your marketing requirements, handle your mailshots on your behalf, provide advice on marketing your scheme and provide continual support throughout your scheme lifecycle.

Choose from our 2 main schemes

For Regulated Practices
As a Practice you act as an insurance intermediary.

For Non-Regulated Practices
Your Practice is the insured party. You offer a tax investigation service and do not need to be a regulated intermediary.

Save your clients' money

Protect your clients from the costs of engaging your professional services to represent them as a result of a tax investigation by HMRC.

Support from the experts

Provide your clients with the best possible expert advice during an investigation.

Get trusted business support

Expand your client services by offering expert business support on HR, Employment Law & Employee Assistance Programmes.

Additional practice revenue

Offering a Fee Protection Insurance Scheme provides additional revenue for Accountancy Practices.

Improve client retention

Demonstrate to your clients that as a Practice you are taking proactive measures to protect them from unforeseen costs.

Increase client uptake

Our dedicated marketing team will help bolster your client base with sophisticated and efficient campaigns.

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