Advice Lines

Providing Specialist Support & Expertise

As an exclusive service, your Practice will gain unrivalled support from our dedicated Tax, VAT, Payroll, Employment, HR, Health & Safety and Commercial Legal Advice Lines.

Our clients often look to us for a second opinion, as a sounding board or sometimes a starting point. With over 35 advisors we can not only deal with general tax queries but have specialists in real niche areas of tax, VAT and Payroll. Our Partners have confidence in us and that’s why we deal with over 160,000 queries per year. As a Tax Investigation Insurance Partner, you have exclusive, unlimited access to our dedicated advice lines.

Our Employment, HR, Health & Safety and Commercial Legal Advice Lines are also available to your business clients through our Connect service.

Your Practice also receives complimentary access to our Business Advice Lines which provides you with support from the UK’s leading Employment law firm.

With experts in Business Safety, Employment and Commercial Law; our team will support your staff and provide them with guidance should an issue need taking further. No question is too basic, no query too straightforward for our advisors who help support business owners across the country every single day.



Our advice lines is a complimentary service to all our scheme partners.

If you are interested in one of our services but are not already a partner you can speak to an advisor on 0844 892 2776.

Services We Offer

Comprehensive TAX and VAT investigation support.

In-depth written advice documenting the facts.

Reviewing IR35 contracts and working practices.

Advice on property embedded fixtures and features to claim against Capital Allowances .

Reviewing client files to identify potential R&D tax credits.

Meet your Tax team.

Meet your VAT team.